Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your most valuable investment. Insuring that home is important. It’s also important to find an insurance agency that knows all about both home insurance AND customer service! That agency is First American Insurance Services. For years we’ve been helping homeowners like you get the right coverage at competitive rates.

Home owner’s insurance is essential to protecting yourself financially in the event of something unforeseen happening to your home or possessions. Whether you’re a home owner, condo owner, landlord or renter you’ll want insurance to protect you in case of damage to your residence or personal property, injury to guests, or other events that you may be held liable for, such as the injury of another person or damage to someone else’s property.

When considering what kind, and how much, coverage you need you should consider the replacement value of your home, its age, and the value of your home’s contents. Coverage options for homeowner’s insurance may include increases in limits if you’ve remodeled your home or improved your property. For both homeowner’s and renter’s insurance you may want additional coverage if you own high value items such as jewelry, art or other collectibles. Your friendly First American Insurance Services agent can help you choose the provider and coverage that’s right for you!

Give us a call, e-mail or stop by and we’ll be glad to help set up an insurance plan that meets your needs!