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Claim Information

As an attentive driver, you would never imagine being involved in an accident, but if that situation ever arises, you can be sure you are in excellent hands with any of our companies’ claim departments. Because accidents don’t always happen between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., you can call the company directly if our agents aren’t available. After you have an accident, you can be sure that we will follow up with the claim and make sure every detail is handled in a quick and professional manner.

Company Website Toll-Free
AAA 800-779-5630
Auto Owners 800-346-0346
Auto Owners Flood   800-233-1131
Dairyland 800-526-4252
EMC Insurance 800-447-2295
Foremost 800-532-4221
Grinnell 800-362-2041
Guide One 877-448-4331
Hay Creek Mutual 651-923-4044
IMT 800-274-3531
Metlife 800-422-4272
Mower County   800-788-9634
North Star 800-328-1844
Progressive 800-274-4499
State Auto 800-645-2265
West Bend Mutual 877-922-5246
Western National 800-862-6070

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